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Dance Healing Drop in



Friday, Sept 29



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Life Art Theme

Every session has a theme that we explore in the body, and use intuitive expressive art to create a bridge to our lives. 


On Sept 29, we explore the theme of Autumnal Body.

How do we inhabit ourselves in the season of fall? In traditional Chinese medicine, fall relates to the metal element and the lungs, who process our grief and courage. By tapping into an authentic conversation with our body through intuitive movement, drawing, writing and witnessing, we align ourselves with the wisdom of the season and promote ease on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level.


What is Dance Healing?


DANCE: an ancient practice of moving our bodies with intention that belongs to every body. We connect with our physical vessel and its relationship with our emotional, mental & spiritual wellbeing.

HEALING: "to make whole," a continuous, non-linear process of remembering our wholeness.

Dance Healing brings dance back to its original intention: to heal and unite us. By embodying the present moment, we illuminate parts of ourselves who are longing to be seen and integrated. Intuitive arts + compassionate witnessing invite us to liberate our authentic selves and cultivate our inner sense of belonging.


Rejuvenate from within

Our bodies are tremendous allies, but they can too easily go ignored. Overtime, we can suppress the subtle messages they are wanting us to hear, until it becomes a scream.


Together we will honor our bodies by slowing down and attuning to what is, without judgement. Discover how breath, movement, creativity + heart-centered witnessing nourishes our whole self in this welcoming, brave + playful space.

Your body is the teacher.
Every body is welcome.
No prior experience is necessary.
Our intention is connection, not perfection.

About the Facilitator

Hayley Shannon is a dancer & somatic healing arts practitioner based on Coast Salish Land known as Orcas Island where she values co-creating spaces to re-member our aliveness together.

“Hayley sets a space where I feel safe to really unfold into my experience. She guides with grace, skill and sensitivity a journey that puts me back into contact with my body’s deep wisdom, And leaves me feeling clean and energized; empty and also full!"


Dance Healing Participant

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