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Dance Healing



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Sat, Oct 12 | 10am-5pm (doors at 9:30am)

Hayley Shannon​, Movement Artist, Somatic Practitioner & Founder of Dance Healing


About the Offering

::: Embrace your autumnal body :::

As Earth begins her decomposition phase, we are also poised to let go on a physical, emotional + mental level. When we resist this process, we hold onto unnecessary energy that becomes heavy and we can feel stuck or depressed. By activating the fire of our creativity without the confines of judgement, we awaken our inherent capacity to transform what we no longer need to hold onto. 


This workshop invites you to unearth your inner resources and experience the power of compassionate community to support you to transition into autumn with your whole self.

Our somatic practices include: 
guided intuitive movement journeys
vocal toning
intuitive drawing
creative writing
& compassionate witnessing

What is Dance Healing?

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Dance Healing is your birthright

Every body has the capacity to restore your connection to your innate body wisdom & uncover inner resources to facilitate a homecoming to your authentic nature.

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Dance belongs to every body

Dance is an ancient practice that ALL of our ancestors tapped into to unite & heal themselves, their communities and their relationship to nature. We carry this knowing in our bones, blood and belly.

Yet many of us have been conditioned to believe that there is a right / wrong way for us to move and express ourselves, so we inhibit our own life-force and healing capacities.

In Dance Healing we emphasize connection over perfection to liberate our life-force energy and remember the authentic wisdom of our body.

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Healing is to make whole

Healing is the process of re-membering all parts of ourselves as worthy of love.

We are living in a wounded time that is crying out for healing. Most of us have disassociated from parts of ourselves at some point in order to survive.

Even though our body knows what we need, we learned to mistrust this innate wisdom and were taught to look outside of ourselves for the answers.

Dance Healing returns the power to YOU by awakening YOUR innate capacity for wholeness from within.

Brown Bear Mother and Cubs

What You Receive

  • A deeply held & playful space for exploring embodied expressive arts including movement, voice, drawing, creative writing & ritual

  • A toolkit of expressive arts practices to support your embodied transformation 

  • Art supplies

  • A brave space for personal & collective healing

  • Compassionate community

  • Potluck-style lunch

Meet your facilitator

Hayley Shannon

Hayley Shannon is a somatic practitioner & movement artist living on an island the Salish Sea. After dancing professionally and teaching for many years, she travelled to Greece in search of personal healing.


Her life was transformed through a dance/movement therapy and breathwork training with Dr. Danielle Fraenkel. In 2016 she created Dance Healing to inspire others to awaken their inherent creative & healing capacities from within.


Dance Healing has grown into Embody Soul LLC where adults around the world receive embodied healing arts coaching, workshops, retreats & more.


Hayley's teachers include the wonderful faculty at Tamalpa Institute in Northern California where she completed three years of study + a year-long apprenticeship with co-founder Daria Halprin, among many others.

Mount Fuji

Meet the space


We are grateful to gather beneath Mount Kulshon on the sacred lands that were first home to Salish-speaking tribes including the Lummi, Nooksack, Samish, and Semiahmoo people. These tribes lived in reciprocity with this bountiful land for thousands of years, and continue to live locally and share their teachings generously.

Heartsong Center is lovingly stewarded by women and mothers who live with and tend the land. Their intention is to "stand as a sanctuary for sacred reciprocity and personal transformation, a place where diverse communities, individuals, and the dissonant facets of our own beings interlace to create a symphony of harmony and healing." 


Who This Is For

  • YOU who loves to dance and is curious about how it can support your healing process

  • YOU who has hesitation around dance but knows there is a wellspring of wisdom within your body that you want to tap into

  • YOU who wants to ignite your creative energy and restore your vitality naturally 

  • YOU who longs for a compassionate space to embody your authentic self & connect with others

  • YOU who wants to diversify your embodiment toolkit with voice, art and community practices


“I am amazed at how potent this work is. I was able to feel more alive and me than I have in a long time. Also it was amazing to journey along with some wonderful souls and witness the transformation of all. I think everyone need this in their life. This is a practice I hope to come back to throughout my journey of life.”

Sarah Williams

Dance Healing participant

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Your investment

$175-$225 sliding scale

Payment plans are available.

BIPOC are welcome to receive a 10% solidarity discount.


We'd love to chat with you!
Schedule a free 20 min connection call or email us here.

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We are so excited to dive in with you


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