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Dance Healing



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Facilitated by:

Sat, Dec 16 | 10:30am - 3:30pm

Temple of Sacred Arts:

1818 E Mercer St UNIT 102

Seattle, WA 98112

Hayley Shannon

with vital nourishment crafted with love by Lexi Wylie with produce from local farms

About the Offering

Tend to your body and soul in this unique workshop that weaves conscious embodiment with intuitive art & communal ritual.

As we enter shadow season, explore a body-based tool-kit to awaken your deeply held truths and align your creative life-force energy with your authentic needs & desires.

What is Dance Healing?

DANCE HEALING supports adults to transmute physical, emotional, mental and/or spiritual blockages into their creative power.

Facilitators skillfully weave embodiment modalities including: meditation, movement, voice, intuitive art & compassionate community work within a trauma-informed, brave space for personal & collective transformation.


Dance Healing is your birthright

DANCE is an ancient practice that our ancestors tapped into to heal or "make whole" within themselves, their communities and their relationship to nature. We carry this knowing in our bones, blood and belly.

Yet many of us have been conditioned to subconsciously believe that there is a right / wrong way for us to move or look to be a "dancer." 

Not here! We are reclaiming that dance is for every body, and all movement is dance when it's done with intention.

HEALING or "to make whole" is the process of re-membering all parts of ourselves as worthy of our care and attention. 

Many of us have disassociated from parts of our body (and thus parts of our heart, mind and spirit) at some point to survive.

Even though our body knows what we need, many of us learned to mistrust this innate wisdom and were taught to look outside of ourselves for the answers.


In DANCE HEALING, we restore our connection to our innate body wisdom and uncover the inner resources that facilitate our homecoming to our true nature. 


What You Receive

  • Five hours of a deeply held, playful & exploratory embodiment workshop

  • Expressive arts practices to support you to transmute stagnant energy into creative flow

  • Nourishing communal lunch 

  • Art supplies for intuitive drawing exercises

  • An intimate and compassionate space for personal transformation


Who is this for?

  • You, the artist, the body worker or therapist who is curious about how dance and art can facilitate healing and transformation

  • You who longs to dance but has felt. blocked or like it's not for you

  • You who loves to dance and yearns to go deeper into the healing benefits of it

  • You who is called to do your inner work or shadow work beyond talk therapy and in community

  • You who want to diversify your embodiment toolkit with voice, drawing, writing and community work


Meet your facilitator

Hayley Shannon

Hayley Shannon is a somatic practitioner and dance artist living on a remote island in the Salish Sea. She founded Embody Soul LLC to spread dance and somatic healing arts as potent channels for restoring our true nature.

Meet your chef

Lexi Wylie

Lexi is a curious kitchen creative who is passionate about making sure everyone has a seat at the table. Specializing in vegan, gluten-free, allergen-friendly meals, she curates intentional menus that emphasize eating as closely as possible to nature. Lexi sources seasonal ingredients from local, organic farmers with growing practices that honor the Earth.

Integrating wisdom from a variety of sources—nutrition science, Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine, naturopathy, and local indigenous wisdom—Lexi hopes to guide the way in breaking free from dietary dogma and coming back to mindful and intuitive eating. She prepares dishes with love, gratitude, and abundance for all to receive. 

Lexi headshot.jpeg
“I am amazed at how potent this work is. I was able to feel more alive and me than I have in a long time. Also it was amazing to journey along with some wonderful souls and witness the transformation of all. I think everyone need this in their life. This is a practice I hope to come back to throughout my journey of life.”

Sarah Williams

Dance Healing participant

Hayley Shannon Logos-32.png

Sliding scale fee:


One work trade position is available. Apply here.


We are so ecxited to move with you


Feel free to reach out here.

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