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Seasonal Embodiment

Embody Earth wisdom to prime your body-heart-mind+spirit for wellness.

Your Body is Earth!

When our bodies are aligned with the wisdom of the seasons, we are primed for wellness on all levels: physical, emotional, mental & spiritual. When we are out of balance of misaligned, our flow can get stagnant and cause illness.

These sessions take a creative and empowering approach to get back in the flow of your Earth body.

What You Receive


Embodied education on the organ, element and emotions that are associated with each season and movements & sounds to support them


Nourishment for your nervous system and immune system


Tools to work with your emotional intelligence each season to transmute emotional stagnancy into flow

Connection with a heart-centered community


Expressive arts practices to awaken your creative fire and reveal the language of soul


Each Session Includes

  • a curated theme with education on the body’s relationship to the season

  • a somatic warm-up that supports immunity and the nervous system

  • a guided authentic movement journey

  • expressive arts

  • heart-centered witnessing

  • integration invitations to bridge the work and your life

Your Investment

$150 Per Series


4 Mondays

Jan 23-Feb 13, 2023

10-11:30am PST online

Nourishing the Lungs with the metal element and honoring the wisdom of our grief with courage.

Session 1:

Lighting the inner hearth (fire and earth element)

Session 2:

From fear to ease (water element)

Session 3:

Dreamtime (entering the void)

Session 4:

Awakening the inner Hag or Mystic (earth and spirit)

Where have I acquired stagnancy in my body-heart-mind that is asking for caring presence? How can I face my fears with love?


4 Mondays

March 27-April 17 2023

10-11:30am PST online

Supporting the Liver to cleanse with the aid of the air element to shed anger and plant seeds for our self-expansion.

Session 1:

Clearing the path (air element)

Session 2:

Anger as teacher (Liver medicine)

Session 3:

Self-expansion (Liver medicine)

Session 4:

Planting our desires

What wants cleansing in my body-heart-mind+spirit? What is asking to be expressed?


4 Mondays

July 10-July 31, 2023

10-11:30am PST online

Supporting the Heart and fire element to transmute judgement into authentic radiance.

Session 1:

Connecting with Heart wisdom

Session 2:

Connecting with our true wants and needs

Session 3:

Melting judgement into compassion

Session 4:

Embodying our radiance

What is my heart longing for? How am I moving beyond judgement to tend my true passions?


4 Wednesdays

Sept 6-27, 2023

10-11:30am PST

Supporting the Spleen and Earth element to transmute worry into a feeling of fairness.

Session 1:

Connecting with spleen wisdomm

Session 2:


Session 3:

Transmuting worry into fairness

Session 4:

My Earth Body

What in my life needs to be digested? What needs are underlying my worries?

“I did Hayley’s workshop for the first time this morning and felt so solidly grounded in my body and soul afterwards. It was a chance to be held as I put much needed attention on my own body and internal world. I loved her progression through different movement invitations and internal inquiries. It felt so good to connect again with the core of me and start my day with a fresh and clear sense of self amidst this ever changing world."

Emily Buffi

Dance Healing Participant

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