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Grief and Gratitude



Facilitated by

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Full Bloom Sanctuary in 

Bellingham, WA.

Erin Quies Wild &

Hayley Shannon

We invite you

to gather at Full Bloom Sanctuary (15 min north of Bellingham, WA) to explore the layers of our human experience at this time on planet Earth. 


Together we eat, sleep under the stars, grieve, rage, sing, dance and come away with a more intact sense of wonder, aliveness, connection and gratitude for this miraculously complex life.

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We are living in 

unprecedented times where loss and grief is pervasive to the human experience. Unprocessed grief can manifest in many ways such as a heaviness, anxiety, sadness, anger or a longing to feel more alive and connected.


In this ceremony, we rekindle how to move through the many shades of grief so that we may deepen our capacity for resiliency and aliveness.

You have radical permission to move through any feelings that arise including: numbness, apathy, sadness, rage, confusion, despair, frustration, joy, gratitude and anything else that is alive for you.

The medicine

of communal grief is not only to allow ourselves to release emotions that keep us from feeling fully alive, but to also learn how to hold space for others and awaken deep empathy, compassion and a sense of shared humanity that is essential in these times.  True community comes with vulnerability.

You are welcome in this space as you are, whether you are actively grieving or not. For some of us, we may not understand why we feel called to grief tending and community ceremonies, yet we trust that the medicine we need will be revealed.

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"The heart that breaks open can contain the whole universe."

Joanna Macy

The Work That Reconnects

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Our practices include

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Hayley Shannon Logos-23.png
Hayley Shannon Logos-23.png

Drumming & Song

Wailing Ritual

Embodiment & Meditation

Sacred Witnessing

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You receive

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Hayley Shannon Logos-23.png
Hayley Shannon Logos-23.png

2 days of ceremony with embodiment practices, wailing ritual & singing 

Camping on beautiful land in community

Nourishing lunches & dinner

Integration support

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Your committment

$250-$350 sliding scale. Payment plans are available.


Arrive Saturday morning with your camping gear. Be prepared to leave your devices and schedule behind as we enter ritual time. 

We conclude with a community potluck on Sunday evening.

About Erin

Erin Quies Wild experienced her first grief ceremony with Sobonfu Some in 2002 after her dad died suddenly and she has been tending to her personal grief as well as collective and planetary grief ever since.  The depths of loss have brought her exquisite humility, empathy and an abundance of gratitude. 


She now weaves regenerative grief coaching into her work with others. Erin currently co-facilitates community grief ceremonies around the PNW. She is a mother, a ceremonialist and a doula of birth and rites of passages of all kinds. 


She has had a private practice on Orcas Island since 2008 specializing in therapeutic & ceremonial bodywork and healing. Erin has been facilitating retreats, doula trainings and workshops for 20 years.

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About Hayley

Hayley Shannon  is a somatic healing arts practitioner and dancer who is blessed to call Orcas Island, WA home. In 2016 she founded Dance Healing and has guided thousands of people to embody their wholeness through movement and expressive arts ever since. 


Hayley deepened her path with grief in 2021 when she experienced a profound ritual led by her friends and mentors Ahlay Blakely and Nala Walla.


She currently organizes and co-facilitates ceremonies on Orcas Island, apprentices an international somatic expressive arts therapy program with Tamalpa Institute and guides transformative embodied experiences for people of all ages.

Image by Lina Trochez

Do you feel the call?

Space is limited to 20 participants.
We may have work-trade spots available.

Join our free intro call

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Monday, June 26 via Zoom

We look forward to meeting you and hearing any questions you may have.
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