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Ritual Movement



Date / time:


Facilitated by:

Sat, Sept 16 from 5-9pm

(doors @ 4:30pm)

Aether Studio

159 Western Ave W STE 281

Seattle, WA 98119

Rae Chrysalis, Regan Powers

& Hayley Shannon


Reclaim the power of intentional movement as a channel for personal and collective transformation.

In this immersive workshop, you are guided through the process of alchemizing your sacred intentions into channeled, embodied prayers.

With facilitation from
three embodiment coaches who each have a unique focus on the divine mysteries, you receive tools and frameworks to enter into exploring sacred space, unearthing inner truths, creating movement and sound offerings and the power of being witnessed. 

We conclude the evening with a nourishing ritual feast, to integrate in celebration and connection. 


What You Receive

  • embodiment exploration / play to expand your movement repertoire 

  • a framework for creating sacred ritual space 
  • tools to create your own ritual aka “prayerformance” (embodied prayer) 

  • an opportunity to witness and be witnessed in a non-judgmental container

  • delicious nourishment & medicinal tea 


Workshop includes

  • 4 hours of ritual space

  • 3 unique embodiment coaching styles 

  • 1 ritual feast

  • follow up integration support

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Sliding scale fee


Limited scholarships available. Apply here.

Rae Chrysalis

Meet your facilitators

Rae Chrysalis is an embodiment coach, dance teacher, and performer who advocates for the medicine of movement. With 4+ years of training in earth-based spiritual and ceremonial work under Char Sundust, her movement guidance is woven with the divine. And technically trained in dance and performance since the age of 3, Rae fuses technical movement teachings with practices of self love, self inquiry, somatic experiencing, and ritual to cultivate transformation and inner empowerment. She stands for the raw and the real – freedom of expression in its fullest sense.


Regan Powers

Meet your facilitators

Regan Powers is a trauma informed embodiment and intuitive movement coach who helps others create space for the unique wisdom of the body to facilitate deep transformation. Her deepest passion and purpose in this world is to work with embodied movement as a tool to liberate and empower the potential within each of us. She believes that the process of reconnecting to our inner truth is a key piece in any healing journey, allowing us to show up more fully in our experiences, connecting us to ourselves, others, and the earth in profound ways. She is also a professional performing artist, working with the intersection of authentic, body based emotional expression and the ritual of telling stories and sharing mythos.

Hayley Shannon

Meet your facilitators

Hayley Shannon is a somatic practitioner and dance artist living on a remote island in the Salish Sea. She is devoted to embodiment and passionate about co-creating compassionate spaces for healing and transformation that allow us to remember our interconnection with Earth and one another. Hayley founded Embody Soul LLC to bring dance and somatic healing arts as potent forces of healing to many. 

“I’m still a little in shock by how freely I can connect to my art now without self judgement. I can’t believe how much I have grown. Rae is the absolute best teacher. She is so incredibly supportive of every student’s journey and gives such thoughtful guidance. I encourage anyone who is looking to make serious progress with their self expression to seek out any opportunity to learn from this beautiful soul.”


Client of Rae


We are so excited to move with you


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