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Welcome, Brave One.

Your commitment to your authentic embodiment is a revolutionary act of (self) love.

Most of us have left parts of ourselves at some point due to overwhelm or trauma.

A blockage in our energetic flow is believed to be the root cause all dis-ease in traditional Chinese medicine including on the physical, emotional and mental plane.

I’m here to empower all of the tools that already exist within you so that your authentic nature can support you to thrive.

Reach out for a free 20 min connection call if you want to work together. I work with individuals, couples and small groups.




6 Week Breath Movement Journey

2 Spots Available

Explore how breathwork + authentic movement ignites embodied transformation.


6 Week Vocal Toning Deep Dive

2 Spots Available

 Explore the six healing tones for your body-heart-mind+spirit, develop your embodied emotional intelligence and creative fire.


8 Week Embodied Transformation

1 Spot Available

Unearth a life theme that you are personally working through right now and discover how to transmute blocks into power.


3 Month Re-Membering Aliveness

1 Spot Available

Includes breath, vocal toning and expressive arts to re-member the parts of you who are asking for integration and liberation.


60 and 90 min sessions available at $75-$175/hr

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Low Income

$50k or Less


Hayley Shannon Logos-31.png

Middle Income



Hayley Shannon Logos-31.png

High Income



We seek to make this work accessible so please self-select your tier based on your households income/savings. Payment plans are available. 

BIPOC are welcome to receive a 10% solidarity discount with promo code: SOLID


Ready To Book?

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