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Welcome, courageous one.

Your desire to explore your relationship to your embodiment is a revolutionary act of love - not only for yourself but for all of your relations. I respect and honor your choice to receive support.

My philosophy:

Your body holds the keys to your healing.

What we experience in our physical body is directly related to our emotional, mental and spiritual wellness. When we "come home" to our bodies - or re-inhabit a sense of aliveness in places that have gone "offline" to protect ourselves - we also restore aliveness in our heart, imagination and spirit. While our minds are skilled at shielding us from places of wounding, we can build new neural pathways through movement and art making that teach our minds to trust the wisdom of our body and heart. 


It is your birthright to be a sensational and sensual being.


If our work together was a hike, sensations would be the trail, feelings would be the sign posts, and imagery would be the trail snacks! Working with the three layers of awareness - physical, emotional, and mental -  we create a bridge between the body-heart-mind that is often full of insight and inspiration. Overtime, you become skilled at setting your mind in the passenger seat and your sensual, embodied knowing in the driver's seat of your life, facilitating more ease, trust and freedom.

Intuition and creativity are the guiding forces of our work together.

Oftentimes, embodiment work asks us to face areas of stagnancy or stuckness within ourselves. It's like the part of the hike where we experience an unforseen challenge. This is where we have to get creative.  By working with the arts and allowing intuition to guide the trip, we uncover new resources and perspectives than we would have by following a linear path. By daring to go into the unknown, we experience a much richer adventure together.


Your body is the healer.

My work is to hold a deeply embodied and non-judgemental container to guide and witness the wisdom of your embodiment. We continuously cycle the agency back to you - through clear prompts and feedback -  so that you may be empowered to practice this work beyond our time together.

Feeling called to work together?

Book a free 20 min connection call to see if this is a good fit:

Why you might work with me...

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To explore how pathways home to your embodied and aligned self

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To unblock your creativity and transmute judgement into compassion

Hayley Shannon Logos-29.png

To build resiliency within your nervous system and foster a greater sense of wholeness within yourself

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To receive unconditional attunement and support from a seasoned practitioner who is walking the embodied path with you

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Our somatic toolkit includes



Vocal toning

Conscious connective breathwork

Dance Healing

Expressive arts including intuitive drawing and creative writing

Somatic awareness




6 Week Breath Movement Journey

2 Spots Available

Discover how breathwork + authentic movement ignites embodied transformation.


6 Week Vocal Toning Deep Dive

2 Spots Available

 Explore the six healing tones for your body-heart-mind+spirit, develop your embodied emotional intelligence and creative fire.


8 Week Embodied Transformation

1 Spot Available

Unearth a life theme that you are personally working through right now and discover how to transmute challenges into power.


3 Month Re-Membering Aliveness

1 Spot Available

Re-member the parts of you who are asking for integration and liberation.


60 and 90 min sessions available at $85-$185/hr

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Lower Income

$50k or Less


Hayley Shannon Logos-31.png

Middle Income



Hayley Shannon Logos-31.png

Higher Income



We seek to make this work accessible so please self-select your tier based on your households income/savings. Payment plans are available. 

BIPOC folks are welcome to receive a 10% solidarity discount with promo code: SOLID

“My experience with Hayley was deeply impactful. Since meeting with her, I have continued to utilize all of the resources that she taught me and have found this to be really helpful in my personal practice. I have noticed myself much more able to engage my body and be present with difficult emotions. I have also felt a bigger capacity to stay connected to my body and also to be more open to others seeing me. This was exactly what I was hoping for.”

Jaime Koweiski

Coaching client

Ready to go?

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