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Dance Healing Training

Transform stagnancy into creative power.

"There is more wisdom in your body than in your deepest philosophy." 

- Friedrich Nietzsche

Dance is innately healing when we move with non-judgmental awareness, a solid somatic toolkit and a brave space to witness our unfolding.

We intentionally restore "dance" to its roots - an ancient art form that is our birth right. An accessible practice that is inseparable from our voice, community and authenticity.


We compost the notion of right / wrong and restore dance as fertile grounds for transformation.

Our body remembers everything and contains a wellspring of resources for your personal and collective healing.

This training transcends the physical to include the emotional, mental and spiritual layers of self to re-align us with our wholeness.

What is Dance Healing?

Feeling the call?

Early early bird is available until Dec 21

In this course, you will:

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release judgement and reconnect to your authentic self

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partner with your emotions rather than shame or abandon yourself

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use movement and expressive arts to transform stuck energy into flowing life-force

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reconnect to your vulnerability as strength and grow your capacity for self-compassion


The intelligences we work with include your:

Physical body (what you sense)

Emotional body (what you feel)

Mental body (what you think or imagine)

Spiritual body (connection to more than just you)

Our Tools

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Awaken your inherent body wisdom.

Channel your intuition through drawing, writing, movement & spoken word.

Cultivate inner balance physically, emotionally and mentally.

Create a container for transformation.

Amplify personal + collective healing.


In this space we honor that

All parts of us are worthy of being seen, freed and reintegrated into the wholeness of our being.

Every body is born a dancer / artist and has the birthright to express themselves with their innate body intelligence.

Your body is the teacher and you have full permission to listen to your inner "yes" and "no" throughout the training.

We find new edges and gifts when we work in community that we simply cannot do alone.

Non-violent communication supports us to heal and transform responsibly and with accountability.

The Journey begins here...



6 weeks online

Fridays, March 8-April 19, 2024

(No class March 22)

3-5pm PST

Dance Healing FOUNDATIONS (Level 1) is a 6-week journey to awaken your body wisdom and transform stagnancy into your creative power.


Each session dives into the primary tools for Dance Healing including: rhythm, breath, shape, voice, art & ritual.


Prerequisite for Facilitator Training (Level 2).

Facilitator Training


10 weeks online

Fridays, April 26-June 28, 2024

3-5pm PST

This is your complete, embodied guide to become a facilitator of Dance Healing!


Whether you are facilitating yourself, a client or a group in your community, these tools are extremely potent when they are used consciously and with a trauma-informed approach.

You must have completed Dance Healing Foundations (Level 1). Upon completion receive a certificate acknowledging your training in Dance Healing Facilitator Training.




3 months online

1:1 with Hayley

May have the option to join an intimate co-hort

Receive 1:1 mentorship as you bravely put yourself out into the world and/or weave these tools into your current practice.

Must have completed Levels 1 and 2 of Dance Healing Training to apply.

This is for you if you...

  • ​have felt disconnected from your body and want to come home to your true self

  • experience blockages to parts of yourself and suspect trauma/wounding that you are not able to contact through talk therapy alone

  • suppress your emotions out of fear of getting stuck or rejected

  • experience feeling numb or disconnected from your aliveness

  • feel creatively blocked or judgmental of your self-expression

  • feel disconnected or confused about your intuition

And also if you..

  • are a leader who envisions facilitating group embodiment work

  • are a therapist, coach, teacher, artist or healer who is ready to infuse your work with embodiment and creativity

  • are someone who loves to dance and is ready to go deeper into the therapeutic and healing possibilities

"This experience has been incredible – beautiful, surprising, healing, creatively energizing. Over the course of our 6 weeks together, my connection to my body and my embodied experience deepened greatly; I feel like I just got out of a language immersion and can now communicate in the language of the body and the subconscious."

Ariel June

Dance Healing Training Participant

Investment Breakdown



Level 1 & 2 Together (Save $150):

Payment Plans Available Upon Request.

Limited Partial Scholarships Available With Application Here.

Early Early Bird (15% Discount) Ends Dec 21.

Early Bird (10% Discount) Ends Jan 17

Are you ready to rise as a leader in Dance Healing for yourself & others?


Schedule a 20 min connection call to ensure this program is a good fit here.

"There is more wisdom in your body than in your deepest philosophy." 

- Friedrich Nietzsche

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