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on Orcas Island


Tues, April 23



$22-$55 sliding scale

We are full.


Conscious connective breathwork is like a work out for your nervous system. It supports you to liberate unconscious places of stuck energy in the body-heart-mind so you can experience greater resiliency, strength, flexibility and stability in your life.

In this practice, breathers lie down for about a 45 min journey of "active breathing." We invite breathers to go at their own pace and imagine that you are "receiving" the breath, so it has a more yin, or receptive, quality to it.

During the journey, you may experience your body and nervous system becoming activated and wanting to discharge energy through movement, sounding or emotional release. It is all welcome here!

Our facilitators are trauma-informed and trained to support you with unconditional presence and the option of consensual touch. Sometimes all we need is a loving hand to hold.

After the active breathing, you have the opportunity to integrate in stillness while being bathed in music. This is just as important as the active breath, because our nervous system is recalibrating to a new baseline.

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Benefits of breathwork

  • Connection to your body

  • Completion of unprocessed emotional energy in the body

  • Release of accumulated stress

  • Alleviation of depression or anxiety

  • Increased physical vitality, energy, and inspiration

  • Enhanced nervous system regulation and greater capacity to consciously respond to “triggers” 

  • Alleviation of many physical ailments including gastrointestinal issues, headaches, insomnia and more

  • Respite from mental rumination; deep relaxation and stillness

  • Mental clarity and insights


Breathwork is NOT recommended for those who have experienced a recent physical injury or trauma, cardiovascular issues or are in your 3rd trimester of pregnancy. 

If you have any questions about if breathwork is for you, please reach out

The ceremony also includes

  • Ceremonial Peruvian cacao to help open up the body and heart during our opening circle and is also full of antioxidants.

  • Live music from our gifted local musicians to bathe you in heart-centered music as you integrate your journey.

  • Heart-centered community! Perhaps the most impactful aspect of any expanded consciousness journey is the quality of connections that are made with those who are called to journey together.

About Hayley

Hayley Shannon is a dancer and somatic healing arts practitioner living on Orcas Island, WA. She's trained extensively in dance/movement therapy, somatic expressive arts therapy, breathwork, meditation & dance in many diverse forms. Hayley believes that every body deserves to have a space to re-member their birthright of embodiment as a healing force of nature.


About Taylor

Taylor Eaton is a musician and carpenter who is passionate about embodiment and Earth based living. He's practiced breathwork for more than ten years and received personal transformation that has inspired him to give back. He went through Tai Hubbard's breathwork facilitator training program in 2022 and began co-facilitating group breathwork journeys with his partner Hayley Shannon later that year. Taylor appreciates simple living, playing music and spending good time with his friends and family.

Connect with him IG @taylor31

Forest Scene
“Hayley and Taylor curate an incredibly welcoming and transformative experience. They clearly relate how the session will flow, and ensure that everyone feels comfortable and held, no matter what they might experience. For me, breathwork catapults me into higher astral realms, filled with universal love. It's difficult to describe, but it's way better than drugs!”

Jamie D

Breathwork Participant


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Please feel free to reach out here.
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