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Clouds and Sunset

Breathwork & Soundbath Ceremony

on Orcas Island


Thurs, Dec 21



Private venue. Receive address upon registration.


$20-$80 sliding scale

Space is limited. Registration required:


We invite you to gather on the longest night of the year to honor the darkness and celebrate the return of the light, within and without.

Solstice means “still point” when sun appears to take a pause in the sky. In winter - the most yin time of year - nature appears to be still, yet there are vital movements happening underneath the surface.

Breathwork nourishes our yin energy because it allows us to find deep release, restoration and spaciousness. Bask in the stillness of the breath holds while feeling the immense energy that flows within to support you to find balance.


You are invited to celebrate Winter Solstice with a ceremony that weaves the medicine of:

  • Ceremonial Peruvian cacao

  • Conscious connective breathwork

  • Live music by Taylor Eaton & Chance Black

  • Soundbath by Jocean


Conscious connective breathwork is a practice where you follow YOUR body's pace to encourage a release of stagnant energy, to reset your nervous system, and cultivate a sense of balance from within. We hold it in the group field with integrity and love, as breathwork can dislodge energy that we've been holding onto due to stress or trauma.

With the medicine of cacao, breath, sound & community, our intention is to support your whole body-heart-mind+spirit to find a sense of deep connection and restoration.

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Benefits of breathwork


  • connection to one's body completion of unprocessed emotional energy in the body

  • reduced anxiety; release of accumulated stress

  • alleviation of depression; increased physical vitality, energy, and inspiration

  • enhanced nervous system regulation and greater capacity to consciously respond to “triggers” instead of unconsciously react

  • alleviation of many physical ailments including gastrointestinal issues, headaches, insomnia, and more

  • respite from mental rumination; deep relaxation and stillness

  • mental clarity


Breathwork is NOT recommended for those who have experienced a recent physical injury or trauma, cardiovascular issues or are in your 3rd trimester of pregnancy. 

If you have any questions about if breathwork is for you, please reach out

About the Facilitator

Hayley Shannon is a dancer and somatic healing arts practitioner living on Orcas Island, WA. She's trained extensively in dance/movement therapy, somatic expressive arts therapy, breathwork, meditation & dance in many diverse forms. Hayley believes that every body deserves to have a space to re-member their birthright of embodiment as a healing force of nature.

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