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on Orcas Island


SUNDAYS 10am-Noon


$15-25 sliding scale*

Cash or Venmo are available at the door.

*Let us know if you need financial support in order to participate.

Facilitated by...

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Lead facilitator is dancer + somatic practitioner Hayley Shannon plus our phenomenal squad of local artists who host / DJ as well.

If you are someone who is actively showing up or planning to, you are welcome to join our private Facebook group to stay in the loop about who is facilitating + other special offerings.
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What is Dance Church

Dance in community to enliven your body, heart, mind and spirit! Dance Church is an ecstatic dance journey that invites movers of all ages and abilities to connect with themselves through movement, uplifting music and heart-centered community. Here is a great resource to learn more about ecstatic dance.

The dance is guided by a playlist that is curated to evoke a wave-like journey that starts slow and builds to a peak, then flows back down to stillness. The intention is to provide a diversity of soundscapes that allow the movers to tap into different ways of being. Here is a sample playlist.

While there is no religious affiliation and we welcome people of all spiritual affinities, we recognize that our bodies our sacred and this is a space for intentional connection to the divine (whatever that means to you), within and without. 

Every session includes:

  • An opening circle to share names and intentions

  • An invitation to join a brief guided warm-up

  • About an hour of curated music to move however you feel called while honoring our guidelines below

  • A closing circle to integrate

Guidelines for Dance Church

Dance Church is a sacred space that respects these guidelines:

  • If you are new, please be present by 10:15am to join the opening circle. Otherwise, you are welcome to arrive any time (and we greatly appreciate those who join us for the full arc!)

  • People of all ages and physical abilities are warmly welcome. Children under 16 must be accompanied by a guardian. Children under 12 are free.

  • Everyone is responsible for their own self care and we invite you to ask for what you need, if any needs arise. You are always welcome to talk to the facilitator.

  • We are consent based; you are welcome to dance with others if there is mutual consent, and we respect those who wish to dance alone. 

  • This is a drug/alcohol free space.

  • No social talking on the dance floor please; you can take it to the lobby.

  • Please refrain from wearing cologne/perfume for those who are sensitive to scents. Wearing natural deodorant is appreciated.

  • There is no wrong way to move and be in this space, as long as you are taking care of your needs and respecting others. All movement is welcome.


Thank you for helping to make Dance Church an inclusive, playful and brave space for our community to boogy!

About the Lead Facilitator

Hayley Shannon  (she/her) is a somatic healing arts practitioner & dancer based on Coast Salish Land known as Orcas Island. She is passionate about co-creating healing spaces where movement and the arts can support us to remember our wholeness together. 

“Hayley sets a space where I feel safe to really unfold into my experience. She guides with grace, skill and sensitivity a journey that puts me back into contact with my body’s deep wisdom, And leaves me feeling clean and energized; empty and also full!"


Dance Healing Participant

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