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Style Guide


Hayley Shannon Logos-15.png


These Icons are taken from aspects of the logo and to have additional illustrations to play with when creating brand and marketing material as well as digital assets. Have fun with these!

Hayley Shannon Logos-18.png
Hayley Shannon Logos-27.png
Hayley Shannon Logos-21.png


Futura Light

Futura Light is the name of the font that you want to use for any Headers. You can play around with the Header as well by changing the color of a word if a header has more than one word. Futura Light should be used for any titles on marketing material or headers on any digital infrastructure.

Beyond Infinite

Beyond Infinite is your subheader font. Beyond Infinite will be used for smaller tiltes on a page or marketing material. This font will gives life to your fonts, and accents your brand with femininity and elegance. 

Public Sans Thin

Public Sans Thin is your copy font! Public Sans Thin should be used for any body copy on any marketing material or landing pages. There are many forms of Public Sans. Use the one that feels best to you! AND Public Sans Thin will be the best for creating visual hierarchy for your audience to engage with your content in a way that feels supportive to their ability to retain information. 


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