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Stillness Moving

Embodied Meditation & Movement Workshop
with Sono Hashisaki & Hayley Shannon


Date / time:


Facilitated by:

Sat, Jan 20 | 11am - 3pm

Sono Hashisaki & Hayley Shannon

About the Offering

Deepen your experience of internal coherence (alignment of your physical, energetic and spiritual bodies) through Stillness and Movement in embodied non-dual consciousness to cultivate greater Resilience and Joy in your life.

Sono Hashisaki is a senior teacher of the Realization Process, developed by Judith Blackstone, and guides us to experience a deep connection to our body and the pervasive stillness of fundamental consciousness.

Through the embodiment practices, we attune to the subtle circuitry of the body and utilize the subtle breath to open our whole being to unified consciousness.

From this place of embodied oneness, we explore conscious movement with somatic practitioner and dancer Hayley Shannon - including standing, walking, shaping and floor work - to deepen and stabilize our experience of embodied fundamental consciousness.

These practices allow us to enhance the quality of presence with ourselves and others. When we integrate breath and embodiment, we also develop expressiveness and fluidity in our bodies and our lives.


What You Receive

  • Four hours of a deeply held, playful & exploratory embodiment workshop

  • Meditation practices to cultivate greater resiliency

  • Movement practices to enhance and integrate the quality of presence with self and others

  • An intimate and compassionate space for personal transformation


Who this is for

  • You with a desire for greater alignment and deeper connection with yourself and others

  • You who loves to move and wants to infuse your movement with greater presence and wholeness

  • You who desires greater joy and aliveness in your life, both alone and with others

  • Teens & adults of any physical ability and experience are warmly welcome

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Meet your facilitator

Sono Hashisaki

I began studying the Realization Process with Judith Blackstone in 2009. It was before I knew anything of embodied non-dual consciousness, but it was wonderful to be guided so precisely and to deeply connect with a dimension of Self I hadn’t experienced before. I went on to become fully certified in all of the Realization Process teaching modules (healing ground, embodiment and meditation) and have been offered workshops and private sessions since 2013. I truly love the life-giving changes that Realization Process practices have brought about in my life. I hope that I can share some of what I have learned and support your learning journey as well.


Meet your facilitator

Hayley Shannon

Hayley Shannon is a somatic practitioner and dance artist living on a remote island in the Salish Sea. She founded Embody Soul LLC to spread dance and somatic healing arts as potent channels for restoring our true nature.

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What to bring:

  • journal

  • sack lunch

  • wear cozy layers

  • coushion to support your back and bum while meditating on a chair 


$90-$150 sliding scale

One work trade position is available. Apply here.


We are so ecxited to move with you

20 spots available.

Feel free to reach out here.

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