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Embodying the Wheel of the Year


1st and 3rd Wednesdays from 10-11:30am


592 Victorian Valley Dr. Eastsound, WA 98245


$15-30 sliding scale based on income level


Attune with Earth’s Seasonal Wisdom from Within

prime your body heart mind spirit for wellness

When we attune to the seasons within ourselves and nourish our nervous system using voice + somatic movement, we support balance on a physical, emotional, mental + spirit level.

In each session, explore healing sounds + movements that nourish the primary yin organs of the season. From traditional Chinese medicine we know that each season calls upon specific organs to help us find balance. They also relate to e-motions that may be asking to move through us.

These Include:

Autumn: lungs — grief / courage
Winter: kidneys — fear / gentleness
Spring: liver — anger / self expansion
Summer: heart — impatience / love
Late summer: spleen — worry / fairness 

Soma means “body” and when we move somatically it means we are moving with awareness, without judgement. This tones our body awareness and enlivens our connection with our truth. When we can sense/feel what our bodies are saying, we can better meet our needs and cultivate resiliency. Each session includes an intuitive movement exploration to allow our bodies to illuminate their unique wisdom and medicine.


No prior experience is necessary. Our intention is connection, not perfection. Come as you are. Reach out to Hayley here if you have any questions.


About The Facilitator

Hayley Shannon is a somatic healing arts practitioner currently based on Coast Salish Land known as Orcas Island. She values co-creating spaces to re-member our aliveness together.

“Hayley sets a space where I feel safe to really unfold into my experience. She guides with grace, skill and sensitivity a journey that puts me back into contact with my body’s deep wisdom, And leaves me feeling clean and energized; empty and also full!"


Dance Healing Participant

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