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::Tend to the parts of your body and soul that are longing to bloom within a compassionate community of women::


Date / time:


Facilitated by:

May 25 (9am) -

May 27 (11am)

Heartsong Transformative Arts Center: 

5685 Sand Rd Bellingham, WA 98226

Hayley Shannon (movement)

Micaela Kinslight (voice)

Lexi Wylie (nourishment)

Dear women

It is a potent time for us to be alive on the planet!

As nature follows the intuitive courage to rise with spring and present her offerings to the world, we are also being asked rise into our most whole and integrated expression. 

As womb carriers, we are tuned in not only to our own bodies, but the body of the Earth and the collective. We have a responsibility at this time to compost the outdated competition model and lift ourselves and one another up.

This retreat is an opportunity to tend to your deep self within a community of compassionate women. We invite you to connect with your body, voice and nature to meet what is asking to blossom from within you.

Pink Blossom
Forest Trees

We all carry scars

and wounds that can cause our energy to snag on old and limiting stories. We transform them by meeting them with courage and compassion.

We must feel safe and nourished in our bodies to meet the truth and power that lives within us. 

Join us to slow down and get deeply nourished beside the sea and mountain, under the stars and beside the fire.


We are the leaders of our communities, the life bearers, the creatrixes, the songstresses, the dance healers. Our voices are being asked to rise in song and prayer together. 

With the soul food of embodied and compassionate sisterhood, our intention is to support your most authentic blossoming.


Our practices

Hayley Shannon Logos-19.png
Hayley Shannon Logos-19.png
Hayley Shannon Logos-19.png
Hayley Shannon Logos-19.png

SOMATIC DANCE: experience the power of moving in connection with your deep truths

VOICE ACTIVATION: learn tools for opening your channel + self expression using sound and touch

EMBODIMENT RITUAL: co-create sacred space for personal & collective transformation

NATURE CONNECTION: enjoy quality time with the land and eating locally grown food


What you receive

Hayley Shannon Logos-19.png

Two days + nights of deeply held embodied exploration through somatic movement, voice, art, nature + sisterhood.

Voice activation and embodied singing with Micaela, mindful eating meditations with Lexi, deep embodiment journeys with Hayley.

Nourishing vegan meals made from locally sourced fruits, veggies, and herbs that revitalize your connection to the land (farm fresh eggs and local honey available)

The opportunity to turn off the noise of daily life, camp under the stars, connect with your body and nature within a sacred container.

Hayley Shannon Logos-19.png
Hayley Shannon Logos-19.png
Hayley Shannon Logos-19.png

We are grateful to gather beneath Mount Kulshon on the sacred lands that were first home to Salish-speaking tribes including the Lummi, Nooksack, Samish, and Semiahmoo people. These tribes lived in reciprocity with this bountiful land for thousands of years, and continue to live locally and share their teachings generously.

Heartsong Center is lovingly stewarded by women and mothers who live with and tend the land. Their intention is to "stand as a sanctuary for sacred reciprocity and personal transformation, a place where diverse communities, individuals, and the dissonant facets of our own beings interlace to create a symphony of harmony and healing."  Learn more about Heartsong here.

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Who is this for?

Women who want to connect with their authentic body and voice within a compassionate community.

This is a co-creative brave space that is trauma-informed. You do not need any prior experience in order to participate. Women of all bodies, ages, physical abilities & backgrounds are warmly welcome.


Genderqueer and transgender women are welcome here. The retreat will naturally have a strong focus on femininity and the female experience. If you hvae any questions about whether this will be a supportive space for you, please get in touch with us.

Meet Your Facilitators

About Hayley

Hayley Shannon (she/her) is a devotee of embodiment who is passionate about co-creating brave spaces to remember our authentic aliveness. After dancing professionally for seven years, she followed a calling to study dance/movement therapy in Corfu, Greece and was forever changed. She created Dance Healing to bring this potent work to her community in an accessible way in 2016. To journey deeper into the embodied healing realms she trained in somatic expressive arts therapy at Tamalpa Institute from 2018-21, and is currently an apprentice to the founder Daria Halprin. Hayley is devoted to offering spaces for people to access their innate wholeness through unique offerings including grief ceremony, dance ritual, breathwork + embodiment coaching.

Learn more

IG @Hayley_Embody_Soul

micaela kinslight headshot.jpeg

About Micaela

Micaela Kingslight is a lifelong musician and songwriter, carrying songs to soothe the soul and bring people together in musical connection.  She teaches lessons in multiple instruments as well as Vocal Yoga which is a somatic approach that opens the body with the voice while opening to voice for greater expression and confidence, healing blockages and old energy patterns through intuitive toning.

IG @Lightmica

About Lexi

Lexi specializes in vegan, allergen-friendly meals that welcome everyone to the table. Sourcing seasonal ingredients from local farmers & foragers, she honors the Earth by aligning her menu with nature.


With a passion for science, ancient wisdom, and cultural influence, Lexi hopes to lead the shift from dietary dogma to intuitive eating. Her unique and intentional offerings transcend food—creating an immersive experience rooted in mindfulness and community. Lexi prepares dishes with love, gratitude, and abundance for all to receive.

"I invite you to indulge your senses in the gifts of Spring. Together, we’ll enjoy mindful meals made from locally sourced fruits, veggies, and herbs. As we honor the land and cultivate gratitude, we’ll reawaken our true hunger and connection to the Earth."

Connect with Lexi on IG @wyliewave

Lexi headshot.jpeg

About Hayley Shannon

Hayley Shannon (she/her) is a dancer and somatic healing arts practitioner based on a small island nestled in the Salish Sea known as Orcas Island.

She is passionate about co-creating sacred spaces for embodied connection and transformation. After performing professionally for seven years, she exited stage left to study dance/movement therapy. Her life was transformed and she went on to study somatic expressive arts therapy at Tamalpa Institute, with a special focus on trauma and voice.

Hayley started Embody Soul to support every body to awaken to their authentic aliveness. She offers diverse programs in person + online including Dance Healing, breathwork, embodiment retreats + more.

She adores living close to the Earth with her amazing community and partner, and tending the seeds of the next generation (the youth!).


Sample Schedule

May 25

9am Arrive & set up

10am Opening circle

11am Somatic movement with Hayley

12pm Lunch

1:30pm Voice activation with Micaela 

3pm Dance Healing (guided movement journey + intuitive art) with Hayley

5pm Free time

6pm Dinner & mindful eating experience with Lexi

8pm Fireside release ritual with Micaela 

10pm-7am Quiet hours 

9am Breakfast

10am Opening circle + morning movement

12pm Lunch

1pm Optional mindful eating playshop with Lexi

1:30pm Nature connection + journal writing

3pm Embodiment ritual playshop with Hayley

4pm Community ritual to honor what we are personally & collectively tending to

6pm Dinner* 

8pm Campfire hangout & song circle with Micaela

10pm-7am Quiet hours

May 26

9am Breakfast

10am Closing circle

11am Group clean up & goodbyes*

*Our intention of staying together until Monday morning is to offer a gentle "outro" opportunity on Sunday eve. If you need to leave on Saturday after dinner that is totally fine.

May 27

Erin Wild.JPEG

“The experience was incredible! I noticed shifts in my body, heart and mind. Even after doing a lot of my own healing work in other spaces, I found ways to connect to myself I had not felt before. I felt release of grief, fear and anger that has been weighing me down, and expansion in my sense of self-belonging.

- Jen Oato Bennett, Dance Healing Participant

Your investment

$350-$450 sliding scale

Payment plans are available.

We are committed to making this retreat accessible. $350 will cover our bases and more helps us thrive! If you are able to give above the minimum, we can lean into abundance by providing scholarships, supporting the land and stewards generously, and more. The facilitators put their heart & soul into this offering and we thank you for giving the amount that is aligned with your capacity.

Hayley Shannon Logos-32_edited.png
Holding Hands

15 spaces are available

If you have any questions or just want to chat with a facilitator, please reach out and we can schedule a free connection call.

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