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Unleash your intuitive body wisdom
and power to thrive

4 month online course begins October 2024

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When We Meet:

Where We Meet:

What You Need:

Begins September 2024, day/time TBD! Please sign up for our newsletter to receive details. Early Early Bird and Early Bird will be available.

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Wifi, drawing supplies, journal, space to move and make sound, a strong intention for joining.



...longing to have a deeper connection with your body wisdom?

...ready to disentangle from patterns of conditioning that hold you back from owning your power? 

...yearning for a heart-centered community where you have permission to explore your authentic nature?

Welcome, brave soul. Wild Embodiment is a home-coming to your truth. You are here because you're ready to unlock the parts of yourself who are longing to be seen and freed so that you can stand in your whole, wild self.


Into the Wild we go...

wild (adj.): in the natural state, uncultivated, untamed, undomesticated, uncontrolled.

We live in a world that has conditioned us to deeply mistrust our intuition and ignore our bodies. 


Distancing ourselves from our authentic truths was a survival strategy that has run its course.


We are primed to fully untangle from the wounds that kept us tame and re-integrate our wild knowing to THRIVE.


Not just for ourselves, but for our communities, the planet, and the ones yet to come.

We all have the capacity to liberate ourselves from within. But we simultaneously need community to do so.

If you are ready to deepen your relationship to your most authentic and whole self through the power of embodied and intuitive arts... you are in the right place.

What you gain from WILD

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Attunement with your deep self to liberate + clarify your path

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Tools + practices that you can return to for grounding, connection and healing throughout your life

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Creative inspiration sourced from your own intuition + community

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A compassionate and intimate community to journey into the depths with

Our trail guide

Take a peak at the journey.

Week 1-2



Activate your primal body through somatic practices that unlock your somatic intelligence -- the innate ability you have to sense/feel connected to life-force energy.

Week 5-6



What are you holding onto that you no longer need to? Feeling is healing. It's time to let it all go, responsibly.

Week 3-4



Connect with the part of you that is longing to be seen through intuitive arts.

Week 7-9



Weave the re-sources you’ve gathered on our journey together to create your own personal embodiment ritual.

Week 5-6



Encounter a personal life theme that has emerged from within you. Seeing is freeing.

Week 10-11 



Integration is one of the most overlooked and important parts of any transformational journey. Here we install the medicine from your experience and call in your honest desires and needs to move forward in a good way.

The backstory...

I created Wild Embodiment because I needed these tools to come home to my intuition after a life-time of being conditioned to mistrust it.

Through studying somatics and expressive arts therapy in depth, I discovered that there were parts of my body - and my power - that I had disassociated from.

As I came home to myself, and specifically my pelvis, the voice of my body became stronger and stronger.

She (my body) demanded that I my IUD out to unblock the power being numbed from the center of my being.


She also asked me to get back to living closely with the land. I knew I needed to move out of the city and learn how to grow food for the first time in my life.

As I answered each of my body's requests, I freed my life-force energy and opened to receive nourishment from life in a way that I never had before.

By devoting myself to deep body listening + practicing authentic expressive arts to alchemize stuck energy from the past, I repaired a deep sense of trust in my body and my intuition. 


The whispers grew louder saying: share this work that is transforming your life! And so in 2020, as the world as we knew it was crumbling, the first online cohort of Wild Embodiment was formed.

The practices are 50% of the transformation - the other 50% is having the community to witness us. That's why Wild Embodiment is not a solo experience. 

The transformation we experience in a community of compassionate beings is profound. Not because we need to be perfect, but because in our imperfections we witness our humanity and gain immense compassion for ourselves and the world.

In a world that makes it so "normal" to follow a course of perceived safety, I choose the Wild Embodiment way to keep me on a path of truth and connection. Four years later, these practices and the Wild community has become a way of life for me.


Each session I get to ask myself:

  • What is the part of my wild being that wants to be honored right now?

  • Are there patterns in my life that are asking to be alchemized so that I can step into my power more fully?

  • How am I allowing my creativity to be an authentic expression for healing and transformation?


Thank you for being here on the journey! I can't wait to embody the wild with you.

In body and soul,



Sessions Include

  • meditations to connect with your core self

  • somatic practices to nourish your nervous system + resensitize your body

  • vocal toning to metabolize stagnant emotions

  • intuitive + expressive arts to nurture your intuition

  • compassionate witnessing to unlock new levels of healing + transformation

  • non-violent communication framework to learn how to heal responsibly in community

Meet the Wild Collaborators

Introducing you to our amazing team of embodiment facilitators joining us from the Pacific Northwest, Oakland, NYC and Mexico.


What You Receive


4 months of potent weekly sessions with Hayley + amazing collaborators

Weekly integration invitations to deepen and digest your work

Connection with a heart-centered community during + between sessions via Mighty Networks

Discounted access to community classes throughout the 2024 year

Access to the online course for life! Includes class recordings, resources, community feed + more

Opportunity to be coached 1:1 by Hayley throughout your journey (VIP Only)

New this Year

Are you a Wild alumni?

Graduates of Wild are welcome to participate again as a mentor!


You may be responsible for leading some small break-out groups, modeling practices, and being a resource for new folks.

Simply select the MENTOR PROGRAM option when you register and receive half off.

“Wild Embodiment Series is honestly one of the best things I’ve ever said yes to. I experienced powerful shifts in my body that moved me towards greater flow and alignment with my deeper Self.”

Stephanie Jenkin

Wild Embodiment Participant


Want to be sure this is a good fit before you commit?

We get it! It is vulnerable to say "yes" to a transformative container, especially if you haven't met the facilitators before. 

We encourage you to reach out and schedule a free connection call to see if this course is a full "yes."


Want access to our FREE WILD EMBODIMENT Intro Workshop?


Q: Is this series for women identified people only?

A: No. People of all identities are warmly welcome.

Q: Can I join if I can't make every session live?

A: Yes. Attending live is the most beneficial because you get to participate in the potent witnessing processes, but you are always welcome to tune into the recordings that are shared by Monday each week on our interactive course platform.

Q: Do you take payment plans?

A: Yes, you can select this option when you check out.

Q: Do you give scholarships?

A: We offer a limited number of 50% scholarships and 25% scholarships. The earlier you apply the better chances you have, as we can only offer so many.

Q: Do you give refunds?

A: ​Refunds are available if someone needs to cancel before the program begins, minus a 15% admin fee. Once the programs begins, refunds are no longer available.

Q: How long will I have access to the course?

A: As long as the world wide web is weaving!

Q: Do I need prior experience with dance or somatic movement?

A: No, this course is accessible to people of all experiences. We strive to be accessible for people of all physical abilities and encourage everyone to adapt the invitations based on their personal needs and capacity.

Q: What kind of art supplies do I need to have?

A: We recommend a large pad of recycled drawing paper and oil pastels because they offer many possibilities for texture, weight, color etc.

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